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Rincker Cheviot and Southdown Sale!
April 12, 2017

Jamie and Dusty Rincker are from Stewardson, Illinois and the sons of the late Darrell and late Paula Rincker. They were raised on a crop farm and cared for various breeds of sheep throughout their childhood. The family has been highly successful with Cheviots over the years. Today, Dusty and his wife, Claudia, carry-on the family Cheviot legacy and farm. In 2013, Dusty acquired a select group of Shropshire ewes from the dispersal of Mike Anderson’s flock in Paxton, Illinois. Dusty and Claudia were married in November 2013. They were a good fit as Claudia is from a farm family in Findlay, Illinois where she also had some experience with Columbia sheep. Claudia works in Effingham, Illinois as a Dental Hygienist.

Jamie is the oldest brother. He and Sarina met in college and now live in St. Johns, Michigan where they own and operate Rincker Southdowns and Rincker Ag Solutions. They sell Channel Seed, crop insurance, and offer agronomic data analysis and consulting. Sarina is originally from the Coldwater, Michigan area and grew-up with strong livestock and farming roots on both sides of her family. As a junior, she showed hogs, goats, cattle, and had remarkable success with show lambs. Jamie and Sarina share a common passion for Southdown sheep and have worked since their college days to build a competitive flock. They have 30 Southdown ewes in Michigan and have an extended flock managed by Dusty and Claudia in Illinois.


Rincker Southdowns | Rincker Land & Livestock
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